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About our WordPress / BuddyPress Chat Plugin

Installing the Envolve plugin for WordPress will allow you to use Single Sign-On without writing any code, and it will allow you to control which of your WordPress / Buddypress users will be able to participate in chats.

Installation Instructions

First, Get Your Envolve API Key
1. Log in to your Envolve account
2. Select your site from the list of "My Sites".
3. Open the "Setup" tab on the left. Copy the code in the "Your API Key" box.

Now, install our plugin
1. Download it from the plugin directory.
2. Navigate to your WordPress Admin Dashboard and login.
3. Click the "Plugins" tab in the sidebar on the left.
4. Click "Add New" in the menu that opens below the "Plugins" tab in the sidebar.
5. Enter "Envolve Chat" in the search box and click "Search Plugins".
6. Click "Install Now" after the search returns our plugin listing. Follow the directions that are shown. Alternatively you can also upload our plugin directly to your wp-content/plugins directory in WordPress. You can download our plugin from WordPress here.

Finally, configure the plugin
1. On the WordPress Plugins page click "Inactive". Now click "Activate" on the listing for Envolve Chat.
2. Click "Settings" for the Envolve plugin. Paste the API key you copied earlier into the first box.
3. Read and check "'Powered By' Acceptance".
4. Choose who you want to be allowed to chat. If you are unsure what to choose, select "Everyone".
5. Click "Save Settings".

Now you can navigate to your site and start chatting. You're all done!


Version 2.1 (Current version)
Enabled passing of user avatars into the chat.
Numerous bug fixes.

Version 2.0
Made passing of WordPress usernames secure using an API key

Version 1.1
Added an option to allow Envolve to use a WordPress username (only if the user is logged in to WordPress)

Version 1.0
Initial Plugin Release

WordPress Installation Instruction Video


Envolve Swirl