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About our InvisionFREE Chat Plugin

iconOur InvisionFREE chat plugin lets you add Envolve's rich chat functionality to any Joomla site without having to write a line of code.

Installation Instructions

Note that You must have admin rights in order to edit the Admin Control Panel.

First, get your API key
1. Log in to your Envolve account
2. Click the "My Sites" tab and select your site from the list.
3. Open the "Setup" tab on the left. Copy the code in the "Your API Key" box.

Now, add the Envolve Javascript code to your site
1. Login to your user account
2. On the top navigation on your forum click on Admin CP
3. Enter your Username & Password
4. The Navigation panel to the left go to "Skinning & Styles"
5. Click on "Board Wrappers"
6. Install the Envolve code under Header & Body field
7. Click "Save" and your finished!


Envolve Swirl